Common Questions

We are a small NDIS Disability Support Provider. We began our journey working as an independent support worker. However due to the demand for quality supports we have since expanded to become a small provider. Focusing on providing tailored services and supports for participants with their NDIS plans.

** UPDATE: We are Currently Registering as a NDIS Registered Provider, to work with SIL and Behaviour Clients as of Jan 2023. **

So, not at this stage, but all that means is that we can work with Self & Plan Managed Clients at this stage. All of our support foundations and goals are the same!

Rise-up Support Partners have gone to steps to ensure quality systems and processes are in place to ensure quality and adequate supports can be put in place to support you or your loved one.

We have Client Management Software setup to ensure that shift journals are completed, staff know who they are working with and we can store important care plan information about a client. We also have systems in place to report concerns.

A service Agreement protects the Disability Service Provider and Client when engaging in frequent and regular Support, which is funded out of the NDIS participants plan.

The Service Agreement outlines the expectations of both parties when working together. It outlines things such as:

– How much notice to give if you are sick so you avoid getting billed for late notice.

– How a service provider will engage with you in supports

– Who to contact if you have a concern to raise, and many other fair and reasonable areas of doing business.

In this case providing you with quality supports.

You should not sign this until you have discussed this with the provider and had this double checked if you need extra supports around signing documentation.

Yes, all of our staff must have an NDIS Workers Screen Check to ensure that we can safely work in the sector. We also ensure that all staff have their Blue Cards, and also have minimum training certificates to work safely with you or your loved one receiving supports. We have support staff who have full vaccinations for COVID-19 and some without. Please talk to us about this if it is a concern for you :).

Please get in contact with our friendly team so that we can adjust your supports to work for you.

No, you have full choice and control over your plan. If we are unable to reasonably support you as you would expect then you are able to respectfully cancel your supports with our service, in line with the service agreement signed upon commencement.

Yes, we tailor our support requirements based off your needs. Please send us a enquiry of call us to discuss your potential support needs.

Yes, all our staff have NDIS screening checks, Blue Cards and are COVID-19 Vaccinated. Please send us an enquiry to discuss your support needs.

Firstly, you should consider the nature of the complaint, how serious you believe it is and then go from there.

Our team will definitely be proactive and working to resolve any concerns with you around support provided, however we are also very understanding that sometimes there are some situations or even conversations that are hard to have, or the serious nature means that it is best done independently.

From there, I would suggest reaching out to a advocacy service, your support worker, your support coordinator if you’d like some help to raise a concern or complaint to your provider.

If it is a serious complaint, which cannot be resolved then you can reach out to the NDIS commission and lodge a complaint this way against the business. Hopefully, it would never come to this but we are a fully transparent and honest business and respect the rights and dignity of all of our clients who choose us. Please get in touch if you ever would like to talk about this via our contact number.

NDIS Commission Number to make a complaint: 1800 035 544